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Shopicano is an eCommerce framework for future.

Outstanding Features

Shopicano provides all-in-one solution for your eCommerce platform.


Shopicano is opensource, which means source code is publicly available. You are open to customize it as per your need. Even you can hire us for consultancy or feature extension. Shopicano is distributed under MIT license.

Headless eCommerce platform

Shopicano provides you headless RESTful API. So you are open to integrate anything as you want, could be (PWA, SPA, Mobile apps, POS, IoT etc). Spin up your online business in minutes.

Multi vendor Support

Shopicano supports multi vendor model. You can run your platform as B2B or B2C. Creating a marketplace is just matter of few clicks.

Mobile first responsive storefront design

Shopicano storefront is mobile frindly by default. Responsive design will give your customer cool experience.

Payment gateway integration

Shopicano has built-in support for most of the well known payment gateways (ie. Stripe, Braintree, 2Checkout, Paddle, SSL Commerce).

Commission model for sellers

Shopicano marketplace offers comission based model for marketplace owner. Marketplace owner will get X amount of comission for each sell of its sellers, which is configurable.

Powerful Reports

Sellers and marketplace owner will get the information about marketplace sells, earnings, customers through powerful reporting system.

Golang powered runtime

Shopicano is completely written in Google's Golang which provides powerfull and faster runtime environment even with low resources. As you know cloud hosting is expensive, so resource optimization is important to reduce cloud hosting cost.

VueJS based storefront

Shopicano provides VueJS based storefront which is decoupled from backend, customizable and mobile friendly.

Start building eCommerce platform using Shopicano.

Our Pricing

Start working with Shopicano that can provide everything you need.


$ 0 /mo
  • Headless eCommerce platform
  • VueJS based ready to use storefront
  • API Driven
  • Multi vendor Support
  • Mobile first responsive storefront design
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Commission model for sellers
  • Golang powered faster runtime
  • Digital product supported
  • Coupon
  • Review
  • VueJS based Powerful Dashboard
  • Paid Consultancy
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$ 299 /mo
  • Everything in opensource
  • Subscription based model for sellers
  • Payout with Transferwise and Payoneer
  • Blog
  • Marketing Tools
  • Ticket based support
  • Subscription for users
  • User Wishlist
  • Contact Seller (Message)
  • Data streaming (ie: Kafka)
  • Apps
  • Dedicated technical support
Coming Soon

Storefront Template

$ 1499 /each
  • Frontpage
  • Store Frontpage
  • Custom Design
  • Shop
  • Product View
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Register
  • Login
  • User Profile
  • Order History
  • Password Reset
  • Profile Update
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Email templates
  • VueJS Based
  • 3 months technical support


$ 49 /hr
  • 1 dedicated consultant
  • Consultancy for marketing
  • Consultancy for development
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